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Stunning Cactus Onyx Handmade Lamp. 14" Height

Stunning Cactus Onyx Handmade Lamp. 14" Height

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One-of-a-kind onyx handmade cactus lamp. The whole cactus including the base are made out of white onyx with beautiful calcified edges. This is a very unique piece of art. The lighting is a soft caramel that will provide a sense of relaxation with high-end decor. 

From country style to contemporary, this beautiful set of lamps will provide that extra touch to any space. 

100% Natural Stone 

Measurements:  15" Width x 14" Height

Weight:  24.7 lbs.

You will receive the exact lamp in the pictures. 

Onyx is a translucent semiprecious gem and is believed to help with vitality, strength, stamina, self-control, shield against negative energy, enhance strength, willpower and even to treat certain bone disorders. 

Due to the handcrafted artistry of this natural stone product, no item can ever be exactly replicated. This is part of the uniqueness and beauty of the Onyx Gemstone, which includes variations of textures, colors, and surface imperfections.

Please message us directly if you have any questions about this product.

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