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8" Real Fluorite Hand Carved Crystal Skull, Super Realistic, Crystal Healing

8" Real Fluorite Hand Carved Crystal Skull, Super Realistic, Crystal Healing

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This magnificent real fluorite crystal skull is 8" front to back with a glossy hand-polished finish. This skull was hand-carved from a single piece of fluorite gemstone.
This specific skull is even more unique since half of the face is purple and half is green. 

Fluorite is known for its magnificent translucent effect and unlimited color shades that come through the crystal and, based on the lighting, the colors reflected will change. Some of the colors are white, browns, blues, yellows, purples, reds, or colorless shades that come throughout this beautiful skull. The combination of the colors passing through fluorite makes fluorite one of the most beautiful semi-precious gemstones. 

Fluorite is believed to provide healing properties such as clarity, spleen bone relief, health with teeth and lungs, detoxification, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism and spinal injury relief. 

It is also believed that Fluorite has a vibration to help rekindle sexual appetite and heighten intuitive powers, assisting in fighting mental disorder and gaining spiritual awakening.

Due to the handcrafted nature of the real stone, no item can ever be exactly replicated. This is part of the uniqueness and beauty of the Fluorite gemstone, which includes variations of textures, colors, and surface imperfections.

Size:  4". Width x 6" Height x 8" Length

Weight:  5.25 lbs.

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