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Brown Beta Onyx Calcite Hand Carved Realistic Skull - 4.75"

Brown Beta Onyx Calcite Hand Carved Realistic Skull - 4.75"

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This original Onyx skull is 4.75" front to back with a glossy hand-polished finish. This skull was hand-carved on a single piece of Onyx stone.

One of the beauties of the semiprecious stone Onyx is the translucent effect that allows the stone colors and shade to come through this beautiful skull.

This hand carved Onyx skull is believed to provide healing properties and the glossy hand-polished finish will give elegance and uniqueness to any decor.

Due to the handcrafted nature of the real stone, no item can ever be exactly replicated. This is part of the uniqueness and beauty of the Onyx Gemstone, which includes variations of textures, colors, and surface imperfections.

Size: 3.25 in. Width x 3.75" Height x 4.75" Length

Weight: 1.25 lbs.

You will receive the exact item shown.
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